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HiddenHills Border Collies

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Deposit Contract

Deposit Contract

HiddenHills  Border Collies



HiddenHills Border Collies requires a deposit of $100.00 to reserve a pup.

1)      All puppy reservations must be secured with a $100.00 deposit delivered to HiddenHills Border Collies by mail or in person. The deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of your Border Collie Puppy. Please make all checks payable to Karen Hanisch.

2)   Total purchase price of pup - $850.00, all colors, m/f, (limited registration, not for breeding.

3)      All puppy reservations are listed in order of receipt of deposit. Breeder reserves right of pick of litter.

4)      All puppy reservations are NON REFUNDABLE with no exceptions


a)      Your preference of sex of puppy is not available and you do not wish to wait for the next litter.

b)      Your preference of color of puppy is not available and you do not wish to change to an alternate color or wait for the next litter.

c)      There are not enough puppies available in the requested litter and you do not want to wait for the next litter.

Please Note: If buyer backs out before requested litter is born the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

d)      Refundable deposits will be returned by check.

Balance of purchase price is to be paid on puppy pickup day. Remaining balance is to be paid by cash.

Buyer shall be responsible for a fee of $10.00 per day past the scheduled pick up date. (unless prior arrangements have been made)


Buyers Name_______________________________






Male or Female / Color_____________________

 2nd choice, if any_________________________

Buyers Signature__________________________Date____________________


Sellers  Signature_________________________Date_____________________

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