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HiddenHills Border Collies

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Our Puppy Questionnaire ~ Application Form ~

Email Address:
Full Address & Phone:
Are You A Breeder?:
Have You Ever Owned A Dog Before?:
Do You Have Children?:
If Yes, What Ages?:
What Personality Traits Do You Look For In A Dog?:
Do You Prefer Male, Female or No Preference?:
How Many Hours A Day Will Your Puppy Be Alone?
Will You Crate Train Your Puppy?:
Will You Accept AKC Limited Registration, (not for breeding)?:
Do You Have Any Other Pets?:
If Yes, What Types and How Many?
Have You Had Any Experience With The Border Collie Breed?:
Do You Have A Color Preference?:
Do You Have A Secure Yard?
Please Describe Why You Want A Border Collie:
Other - Please Explain:
Are You Willing To Take Your New Puppy To Obedience Or Beginning Puppy School?:
Additional Questions or Comments:

Our questionnaire is designed to help us understand your household and
what qualities you are looking for in a puppy.
Please do not be offended by these questions, as we take placement
of our puppies very seriously.

~We will review the application and contact you firstly by return email ~


~ All applications submitted and accepted will go onto our Waiting List ~









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